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Privacy Policy - The canadian business review

The company has a great emphasis on its privacy policy as well as the privacy of its website visitors. The privacy of our user is priority for us which leads to good relationships among companies and users. We also ask the information of the visitor for just visiting the page. The collection of personal information of the user is taken, when a visitor asks for services of the company. We take the personal information about you through the company website, application, and survey to get the idea about you.

To use our website, you have to permit these terms and conditions of our company’s privacy policy.

Type of information we collect

Before using our website, you have to register yourself first. For registration we ask for your personal details. The personal information of the user may include:

  1. Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Email address
  4. Phone number
  5. Postal address
  6. Location of the user

We also ask the user’s name, education, current job position including demographic details. We asked for the achievements and accomplishments of the experts and writers in collected data.

Why we collect your information

We collect your information for the following purposes:

  • To get in touch with you
  • To take your review about our services
  • To ensure the legal security of the users
  • To make our services better
  • To take you feedback about our policies
  • To provide you the facility according to your need
  • To bring opportunities for business.

Where we use your information

We use your information to get the idea about our users. After analyzing the collected information of the users, we decide to give him access to the website. The website is for the business associated people and the articles posted on the website have significance with the field of business. Our team of analysts analyze the data of the users and readers to get the idea of their required articles and knowledge. The information gathering helps us to produce effective content/ articles related to the wants of the users.

With whom we share your information

We collect the general information of the users. We don’t share your information with everyone except our team analysts. We share your information to verify your identity. To give the feeling of security is the priority of our website. The users and the experts cannot get the whole information that you shared to register your account. Only the required information is shared in case of any obstruction in the working website. While using the website if any obstacle is found then the information of your email or phone number is used to tackle the issue.

We keep information confidentially

The company makes sure not to use your information incorrectly or misused by anyone. The company maintains the security and provides proper protection to the content and users of the website. We keep the information of our visitor confidential. We take great care of the security of our users technically and ethically.

How long we keep your data

We keep your data safe till you have registered an account on our website, but when you deactivate your registration, we may remove it. We do not keep the information of the people who are not associated with us. The data that you shared will remain secure with us but the information that you give to the third party is not the liability of the company website.

Share information with third party

We do not share the information of users with third parties. Email, phone number, name or anything that we gathered to get the identity of the user, we don’t share with them. The action on which you click on may share your information. The company is not included in such operations.

Third party privacy policy

The advertisements on the website are third party which have their own privacy policy. The privacy policy of the company has not any connection with ads privacy policy. These ads may also have some options and links for further details. It may also contain the link by clicking that you will be at the online shopping page of the products. There is an option to disable the cookies on the page.

Data protection right

The users have the right to claim for their protection and security of their data in case of any insecure happening. According to the law they have the right to make sure that their data is in secure hands. But the data that you share with a third party is not the responsibility of the company.

Use of cookies

After opening the website as a new visitor and having no account on the website then you have to accept the cookies of the website which is looking at the bottom of the page. If you accept the cookies then it will make the experience of using the website better. Decline of the cookies may disable some of the features of the website. We added cookies to make a good experience of using the website from your and our sides. Some of the advertising cookies are also presented on the website. The cookies at the websites are used to know how many people have visited our website.

Privacy policy of advertising

The advertisements on the website pages are working and have a different privacy policy than the website. We try to display the advertisements that may be of the interest of our audience. Every advertising has its own cookies, terms and policies in terms of its company. The procedure and purpose of the third party is apart from the agenda of CanadianBusinessReview.

Changes to our privacy notice

The changes may occur in the policy of our privacy by the time. The updated privacy policy will be mentioned in the privacy policy page. As with the changes in the versions of software and technical changes we change our privacy policy. The change in privacy policy is also taking place to make the services of the company and website better.

Question and feedback

You can ask the question and also give your feedback to the privacy policy. If you find any amendment is needed to the privacy policy of our company then let us know through your feedback.