How to Help Improve Sports through Social Distancing

How to Help Improve Sports through Social Distancing

As the global pandemic surged throughout the world, a lot of fields have suffered an unexpected loss. It was kind of difficult for the people to cater their lifestyle, business and work life as per the SOPs to prevent the widespread of Covid’19. In the perilous times of the global pandemic, the only resort for the population of the entire world was to follow the SOPs, but following the SOPs has changed the face of the traditions of classrooms, shopping centers (there was not much crowd, even on festivals), places of worship, and even sports. 

As the professional sports is back in the game, and new Covid’19 variants coming out one by one rapidly, people are apprehensive about participating in athletic activities. Since, it is quite natural to get intimidated by the idea of engaging in sports as there are high chances of social contact, we have gathered some material from numerous sources to get help with essay that follows, in order to give you some tips that to help improving sports through the challenges of social distancing. 

1. Fitness Level and Workouts of the Athletes:

As we all are aware of the fact that days of social distancing is not really a peak time for the sports activities, players should leverage it for their own good and improvement. They should focus on their fitness and general health, so that when they return to their full-fledged field, they would be better than ever. They should take a healthy and well-planned diet and incorporate different kinds of workouts in their routine so stay well in shape. 

2. Ensure that the SOPs are Followed:

The sports activities are planned out in such a way that all the coaches, staff members, players, volunteers are adhering to the protocols of social distancing. The warning signs, tapes, soft reminders, barriers and other equipments must be placed here and there. All the reminders are placed in places that are instantly visible to the eyes and easily understandable to ensure effective compliance.

3. Engage in Low-Risk Sports:

Low risk sports involve the activities that do not require any personal contact with anyone. They are done in individual setting and would be the perfect ones to play without exploiting the rules of social distancing. Archery, individual cycling events, individual running, individual diving, individual rowing, individual swimming, golf, skiing, weight lifting, tennis, badminton etc. are a few examples that cater to the protocols of social distancing and pose low risk of social contact. You will at least be having some sports to play at so, it’s a win-win. 

4. Sports Events Must be Played in Outdoor Setting:

While adhering to the protocols of social distancing, it is mandatory that all the sports activities are carried out in an outdoor setting that allows maximum ventilation so that the athletics do not breathe in the same air. Cricket, football, baseball, outdoor tennis etc. are the sports activities that can be played in the outdoor setup.

5. Improve the Infrastructure and hygiene of the Play Grounds:

Now that we have talked about maintaining the SOPs, it is of sheer importance that the necessary steps are taken in the playground to encourage sports and prevent potential hindrances. Steps should be taken to reduce crowding in the otherwise crowded area, like entrance and exit of the playground; the space should be daily sterilized with disinfectants and the good hygiene practices must be maintained; the seating arrangements of the audience must be done in a way that each seat is at a distance of 6 feet from the other to prevent the potential interaction; and everyone must be provided with a personal hygiene kit on the entrance. 


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