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Terms and conditions - the canadian business review

Before using this website, please read these terms and conditions thoroughly. You are not allowed to skip any of the instructions given below. These terms and conditions are available for you to follow the steps of using the website in an appropriate manner.

Content Ownership

You are not allowed to copy any picture, video, graphics, audio, data or any written material without proper citation. Without taking a written permit of the website authority. All of the content material provided in the website has a copyright claim and it has been mentioned in all the pictures, graphics, videos and articles.

Website usage

The connection between readers and the website and the control by the website. If any obstruction in giving feedback or connection happens between website runners and you, this part of the website will facilitate that. By providing the facilities that remain unobstructed will be helped at the time of problem.

Restriction on website

The use of copyrighted material without the permission of the owner is strictly prohibited. Logos and trademarks of the company are mentioned in the contents just to show the association with the company. The purpose of using a company logo or signature is for identification purposes. Don’t use the company logos or any other equipment somewhere else.  


If the implements on the reviews and the suggestion of the experts cause any harm to you, the website or the author wouldn’t be responsible for that. The experts and the writers are only giving you their own opinions and sharing their experiences. There is not any compulsion to follow any author’s advice.


The advertisements present in between the content or at the bottom of the page don’t belong to the website. It belongs to the third party. The website is not responsible for the content that is being shared in the advertisements. If you get inspired by any advertisement and then appliance of it may cause harm to you, the company is not responsible for that.

Questions and feedback

For asking any question and to give any feedback about us, you can contact us on the website given below:

Terms and services

To make the website run better we might upgrade the terms and services of it by the time and according to the situation. These conditions are not made for life time; it may be flexible.


If you find any conflict arising due to these terms and conditions or against these conditions, then you are allowed to go and follow the restrictions of the law of Canada. The company is also in obedience of courts of the United States.