2022 Trends to Watch in Mobile Computing

2022 Trends to Watch in Mobile Computing

Whenever we counter the term “computing”, it suddenly sparks a surge of anxiety and makes us to think that, “Oh no! I was so not ready for this geeky encounter”. We don’t even bother to go in depths of what it might hold for us. But, do you know how dependent we have become on mobile computing and applications? You need to order your groceries online, you take your mobile phone and just order away in the brink of an eye; need to complete a term paper and the deadline is closing in? No worries, your safest resort is to hire essay writing help UK, so you just take out that little device of yours and place an order for your desired work.

You must be thinking, “Okay tech-geek! I don’t even know what mobile computing is”. Let’s start with introducing the concept; mobile computing is basically a technical term that covers the development, designing and analysis of digital applications making use of adequate solutions as per requirements of the users. This comprises of mastering the technology that is widely used to perform a number of tasks on your portable devices and gadgets like smart phones, tablets, wearable devices, laptops etc. Students who specialise in mobile computing are literally tech gurus. The technical world is like a Disney land for them. They can apply their programming and algorithmic concepts to the development of mobile apps and increase their career prospects as mobile app developers, mobile software developers, Android developers and what not.

Mobile computing is the future and we cannot deny the fact that it has simplifies our lifestyles for good. Though the concept of mobile computing seems a bit alien to us and makes us want scratch our heads, but we can still broaden the spectrum of our knowledge by staying updated about the rapidly changing trends in mobile computing to thrive in 2022.

1) Emergence of 5G:

The 5G technology has been making rounds in the world for a while now. But this year, it is finally expected to make a public debut. It is rapidly thriving in the business world and even the young individuals are excited about it. Many of the leading technology companies have fully incorporated the 5G technology. 5G technology is the elitist of all with significantly improved speed, efficiency, connectivity and user experience. A minute task will be done in seconds as it is 100 times faster than 4G. Moreover, 5G will lay the ground for various upcoming technologies.

2) Fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language:

The advent of AI and ML has changed the face of mobile computing. It has achieved groundbreaking success and set the bar for the future technologies very high. If you take a look around yourself, you will find artificial intelligence deeply incorporated in your life, such as the virtual assistants like Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant etc. Artificial Intelligence works on machine language and in the coming years, we are going to enjoy significant enhancement in its technology, so brace yourselves as this technology is going to be the game changer for IOS and Android.

3) Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

If you are a technology loving person then there is no doubt that you have heard about the AR and VR technology (Yes! We have all been a part Pokemon Go craze). Even Instagram lenses have incorporated this technology to keep its audience engaged. Many of the brands like Ikea and Loreal are making a full use of the efficient AR and VR. It allows the user to transcend into the virtual world to have a more lifelike experience. This year, we will observe a hike in AR and VR users as the technology will be commonly applied to the mobile computing trends and provide the game-changing user experience.

4) Cloud Computing:

Remember, USBs and hard drives used to be a thing? Well, not anymore. With the surge in the usage of cloud computing, many people are now adopting this trend for storing their large amount of data and they can conveniently access it through the internet. Not only it stores enormous amount of data, but also provide a high level of security. Even large organisations are accommodating this technology at full scale because of its smarter and innovative features that are highly relevant in the current digital space, so it is safe to say that it is going to be a part of mobile applications.

5) Internet of Things in Mobile Apps:

While internet has become the part and parcel of our lives, the rise of internet of things cannot go unnoticed. We are a tech-savvy generation of people who can control the entire house through the internet. This is all possible through IoT. Whether it is your lighting system or home appliances, it has been utilised very efficiently. We have seen Google and Amazon capitalising on this technology but now, many other brands are also trying to get the maximum benefit from this fancy technology. While the demand for IoT enabled devices and gadgets is enormously increasing, the IoT enabled apps will also expected make rounds in the market.

6) Predictive Analytics:

Another leading trend in mobile computing in 2022 will be the use of predictive analytics. Predictive analytics use a large amount of data to gain insights and predict the future outcome based on the analysis of those insights. Many large companies have already been using this technology, like Netflix recommending movies and series similar to those you have watched in the past. People can benefit from it in business and private purposes. They will know what to decide and when to decide. This is also going to trend in 2022 as it is a very smart and promising technology.

Tech-savvy gadgets have become a vital part of our otherwise chaotic life. There is no denying in the fact that they have made our lives easier than ever. While the rapid advancement in the technology is delightful, we can keep our fingers crossed and expectations high about how more innovations will turn out be.


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