Tips for a Better Automation Marketing

Tips for a Better Automation Marketing

Begin learning how to find original, engaging, and in-the-moment email marketing consumer interactions. We’ll walk you over four email marketing automation strategies to fill the applicant funnel using Marketing Cloud and a recruitment marketing campaign as an illustration. What’s the best part? These email marketing strategies can be applied to any campaign that relies on email to generate leads.

1.    Set a clear objective for your email campaign

You need a firm grasp of your success measures before you start an email marketing campaign. Assume you work at a recruitment agency for this experiment. Your company’s primary goal is to fill its pipeline with highly qualified prospects to follow once the hiring freeze is lifted. 

The goal is to spend a little time on applicants who aren’t ready to move yet.

2.    Customize automated user experiences for each point of the process

As the recruiting company’s marketing, you agree to send a welcome letter to possible nominees and urge them to fill out a questionnaire to measure their enthusiasm in switching jobs.

You set up three routes that applicants will be automatically divided into depending on their form replies since Journey Builder can help you satisfy the demands of diverse audience categories within a single email campaign. These are some of the options:

•    Actively looking for

•    Passive but with the possibility of changing

•    If you’re keen on our firm but aren’t seeking a new job

You opt to welcome people who are actively seeking to file an application, while those who aren’t actively searching can register for your company newsletter since this approach will allow you to design effective advertising messaging and calls to action for each grouping. All of these journey activities help candidates remain connected without feeling obligated to go beyond their current level of engagement.

3.    People, not characters, should be the focus of your writing

Moving on to our second point: empathic communication. Customers and potential customers are all seeking a genuine and true connection with a company, whether you’re creating a sales pipeline for your hiring process or another area of business. This entails removing the fluff. To do so, consider what you would want to see from a brand similar to yours. As a recruitment marketer, you may want to think about what incentives prospective staff members want from an organization. Consider what it means to be realistic.

4.    Make the most of your email marketing platform and network

  It’s undeniable that manually sending emails to several audiences to distribute diverse content is a challenging undertaking. Personalizing email messages in this manner is also practically impossible.

To design consumer experience at scale, more organizations need to invest in marketing automation technology. It can be difficult for a marketer to persuade an executive who is accustomed to outmoded technology and practices.

5.    Make Your Mobile-Friendly Design Perfect

Do you realize what irritates you the most? You’re on your phone, and you’re opening specific emails. We understand that both cellphones and laptops (or desktops) can access email, but the settings for each are somewhat different. As a result, you must alter the appearance of the email when it is viewed on any device.

6.    Development of a landing page

It’s critical that the landing sites you design eventually match the email messages you’re putting out. It will help to enhance your total conversion rates if your visuals and messaging are consistent.

You may achieve the expectations you have for your marketing funnel and your email campaigns automation strategy by implementing the advice and strategies presented here. Using a contact details method, such as a person’s email, can assist you to improve the party’s campaign success.


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