7 Best Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2022 that will help you sharpen your skills

7 Best Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2020 that will help you sharpen your skills

When you’re on the look for finding the best marketing practices to adopt, or just educating yourself on the current marketing trends on the market, it is extremely crucial to be up to date with the current scenarios while educating yourself about effective campaign perspectives.

It’s important to read blogs related to marketing for daily tips, tricks, and educate yourself generally about the market trends. Following is a list of the best marketing blogs we’ve compiled for you. 

1. HubSpot

They are giants in the marketing realm, having pioneered the inbound marketing paradigm. HubSpot offers two blogs: one for marketing and the other for sales, each with a somewhat particular audience. If that isn’t enough to pique your interest, their entire list of blog subjects is guaranteed to provide you with plenty of useful information.

With 3 independent blogs, HubSpot is able to post every day. It is vital for them to have several guest blog writers (in addition to their staff) who give many diverse approaches and knowledge.

2. Autopilot

The “Liftoff” blog by Autopilot is incredibly tidy and well-organized. They have a search function, post a couple of times each week, and are developing a fantastic marketing management solution that allows you to “visually manage the user experience.”

If you’re someone who’s in the market on the search for an automation product, then you should seriously consider Autopilot. 

3. CoSchedule

CoSchedule has two distinct blogs: their regular blog that’s all about best blogging practices, content marketing, and mentions of popular companies as examples.

On the other side, their product blog highlights essential changes and wonderful activities you can do with their product. Furthermore, they frequently use brackets surrounding “new features” in their blog headlines to draw attention to the content and ensure that readers understand that a particular item is introducing something completely new that they can use. 

4. Contently 

Contently is yet another blog and network that you could find useful. Your purpose here is to show off your digital assets, which could include anything from your product catalog or artistic portfolio. To tell a story, use Contently to arrange your material. Through the use of public portfolios, the site also promotes freelancers who are great journalists. As a college graduate, you can present your work here as an example for clients.

5. BigCommerce

When you’re ready to start selling online, BigCommerce provides cloud-based e-Commerce software. This is a monthly subscription-based weblog that includes an online store, customer care, and product management. For advertising purposes, you can also analyze your selling and purchaser data. 

6. Copyblogger

BigCommerce offers cloud-based e-commerce software when you’re ready to begin an e-commerce site. This is a membership monthly blog with an online store, client service, and production planning. You can also examine your marketing and purchasing data for promotional purposes.  

7. SEMrush

These professionals provide a solution that allows online marketers to research competitor data. But don’t be fooled by the title. They’re also professionals in SEO, PPC, and content creation, in addition to SEM.

When it comes to their website, they update it frequently – occasionally numerous times each day. To enlighten readers, articles frequently focus on how-to and “what is” issues. Many of the publications are intended to educate their readers at the top of the funnel. As a result, readers will be able to put the advice to use and acquire a market edge.

If you’re someone who’s interested in finding more about how to make your marketing more effective, then we highly recommend that you check these amazing blogs out. 


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