150+ Religion Essay Writing Topics for Students To Consider

150+ Religion Essay Writing Topics for Students To Consider

Most of the people present around often shy away from talking about religion. They tend to avoid the potential stir it might follow. As much as they attempt to tum away from this construct, religion has been a part of our societies since the very early days. Whenever we are handed over a task to write about religion, we all get anxious about it and wonder what if we end up hurting someone’s sentiments; what if it leads to a heated arguments; I am even afraid of offending my teachers about their religious beliefs and many more thoughts. At that very moment, you decide to choose a topic that is not sensitive to controversy. What might provide you help with essay writing is the selection of a topic that you have a wide knowledge about, so that you can deliver an efficient piece of work Here is a list of religion essay writing topics that you might enjoy writing:

General Religion Topics

  1. Role of religion in the history of science and education
  2. Religion and society
  3. Religion and culture: how the two bring society together
  4. Impact of religion on society at a macro level
  5. Impact of religion on society at a micro level
  6. Religion and criminology: what religion says about crimes
  7. Scientific discoveries in light of religion
  8. Importance of religion in environmental issues
  9. Different religions and their common rituals
  10. Significance of myths and folklores in the modern religious beliefs
  11. Comparative analysis between religion and meditation techniques
  12. The mutual exclusivity of religion and rationality
  13. Role of illusions, magic and superstitions in religion
  14. Symbolism: it’s relevance in religion
  15. Evolutionary perspective on religion
  16. Religion and Feminism
  17. Religion for the formation of ideologies
  18. State vs. Church in the modern world
  19. The rift between science and religion
  20. The prevalence of religious practices under different political eras
  21. Reasons behind the moral and spiritual decline of mankind in the modern century

World Religion Topics

  1. The age of Enlightenment and Religion
  2. The ideology of religion and its influence on the modern world
  3. Impact of secularism on religious societies
  4. Difference between atheism, agnosticism and deism
  5. The origin of man and society in a religious context
  6. The conflict between modern science and religion – faith vs. fact
  7. Life values and semantic of a believer
  8. Why do some people deny the existence of God?
  9. Monotheism vs. polytheism
  10. Comparative analysis of the moral ideals of different world religions
  11. Can religion and feminism coexist?

Roman Religion Topics

  1. The common rituals of the Roman religion
  2. Role of Roman religion in shaping the Roman culture
  3. Roman religion vs. Buddhism – a comparative analysis
  4. Historical analysis of Roman religion
  5. The uprise and spread of Roman religion
  6. The basics of the Roman religion
  7. Roman Religion vs. Christianity – a comparative analysis
  8. Contrast between Islam and Roman religion
  9. Roman religions and their importance in the 21st century
  10. Worldwide distribution of Roman religion followers
  11. Roman religion and Feminism

Chinese Religion Topics

  1. The Chinese people and their religious practices
  2. The magnitude of religion among the Chinese
  3. The religious ideology of the Chinese
  4. Chinese values and faith
  5. Ancient Chinese values and their prevalence in the modern world
  6. Chinese religion and Feminism
  7. The spread of the Chinese religion
  8. Chinese mythology vs. religion
  9. Modern sciences and Chinese religion
  10. Which religion do the Chinese follow?
  11. Religious minority groups in China

Catholic Religion Topics

  1. The foundations of Catholic religion
  2. Catholic Christianity in the future
  3. The fundamentals of Catholic Christianity
  4. Catholic Christians and their social influence in the US
  5. Technological advances vs. Catholic religions
  6. A comparative analysis of Orthodox vs. Catholic Christianity
  7. Rising conflicts between Protestant and Catholic Christians
  8. Basic teachings of the Catholics
  9. Catholic religion and Feminism
  10. Catholic Christianity’s influence on culture
  11. How was Catholic Christianity found – its roots and development over the years

Greek Religion Topics 

  1. Ancient Greek beliefs and their origin
  2. Factors that assisted the Greek beliefs with spreading
  3. Impact of Greek religions on modern ways of life
  4. How ancient Greek religions helped advancement
  5. Greek religious rituals and their importance in the modern world
  6. Impact of ancient Greek religions on society
  7. Greek religion and Feminism
  8. Ancient Greek religions and business
  9. The prevalence of Greek religion in architecture
  10. Ancient Greek faith, philosophy and mythology
  11. Modern vs. Ancient Greek beliefs

Buddhism Topics

  1. The foundations and evolution of Buddhism
  2. Buddhism – a philosophy or religion?
  3. Can science and Buddhism coexist?
  4. Buddhism and its teachings on human rights
  5. Buddhism and its teachings on feminism
  6. Buddhism and its meditating practices
  7. The particulars of Chinese Buddhism
  8. Buddhism and its analysis from a psychological perspective
  9. Buddhist’s viewpoints on ecology and nature
  10. Impact of Buddhism on politics

Theology Topics

  1. Fundamentals of systematic theology
  2. Theology – myth vs. reality
  3. Theocentric perspective on ethics
  4. Theological models and their significance in the modern world
  5. Postmodern atheism and theology
  6. Political theology
  7. Love and death – a theological analysis
  8. Theology and Feminism
  9. Rational theology from a religious viewpoint
  10. Philosophy and theology – inseparable or not?
  11. Concept of narrative in theology

Islam Research Topics

  1. History, origin and future of Islam
  2. Impact of modern-day politics of the Islamic nations worldwide
  3. The prejudices and misconceptions about Islam
  4. Role and status of women in Islam
  5. Islam VS. Feminism
  6. Islamic practices and their impact on belief systems of Muslims
  7. Image of Islam in the West
  8. Islamization vs. secularism
  9. Teachings of Islam from a legal perspective
  10. Role of Islam in politics

Siddhartha Essay Topics

  1. The teaching methods in Siddhartha
  2. Siddhartha and Existentialism
  3. Siddhartha and Feminism
  4. Siddhartha: Fiction and Philosophy
  5. The concept of salvation in Siddhartha
  6. Fundamentals of Siddhartha
  7. Siddhartha and modern practices
  8. Non-attachment and Siddhartha
  9. The search for Enlightenment and Siddhartha
  10. Siddhartha – mythological base


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