100 Best Research Writing Topics That Will Help You Score An A+ Grade

100 Best Research Writing Topics That Will Help You Score An A+ Grade

When you choose to write a research paper, the most daunting job is to come up with an engaging topic. While many students take inspiration from their day-to-day life, others depend on being provided with the fascinating essay prompts. There is a third category as well, who rely on essay writing help to ensure glowing grades. Choosing an essay writing topic requires a thorough introspection about which topic compels you the most so that you can write well about it, you will have a train of ideas, you can support your arguments with relevant evidence and the most important of all is, you would not get bored with it.

In order to steer you in the direction of choosing a rightful topic, we at EssayNock have categorised the topics in terms of a subject that may help you to secure an A+ grade in your classroom.

Topics for Research in Information Technology

1) Developing trends in cryptography.

2) Problems with automation and their solutions.

3) Internet of things and how it affects security.

4) Pros and cons of shifting to cloud technologies.

5) Is big data implicitly invading our privacy?

6) Relationship between IT and behaviour.

7) Artificial intelligence algorithms on banking bots.

8) The effects of 5G in a workplace.

9) AR and VR in mobile apps development

Psychology Research Topics

10) Relationship between memory and fragrance.

11) Correlation of personality type and taste preference.

12) Effects of sleep deprivation on social behaviour.

13) How to predict and shape certain behaviours.

14) Impact of music on intellectual performance.

15) People with gifted IQ and their interpersonal relationships.

16) How to deal with stress.

17) Subjective well-being and its impact on social relationships.

18) Effects of anxiety on immunity of young adults.

19) How to manage aggression in toddlers.

20) Perceived personality traits and its impact on social exchange.

21) Effects of having a healthy breakfast on learning in classroom.

22) Impact of colour scheme on the mood of an individual.

23) Effects of self-esteem on subjective well-being.

24) Conformity in educational institutions.

Research Topics on History

25) Rise and fall of Chinese Empire in the 19th Century.

26) The Sultans of the Ottoman Empire.

27) Why the prime time of ancient Greek cities-states met a halt.

28) The rise and fall of the Mughal Empire.

29) Why Christianity fell apart and how it turned out.

30) World War I and world peace; World War II and its excruciating aftermath.

31) Fall of Muslim reigns in South Asian sub-continent.

32) Medieval traditions and rituals.

33) History of Palestine and its long-lived dispute with Israel.

34) Role of Julius Caesar in building Roman Republic.

35) Ancient civilisation of Mohenjo-Daro.

36) Greek mythologies.

37) Advancement of science in the Dark Ages.

38) Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

39) French Revolution.

40) Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the consequences.

Educational Research Topics

41) Is a use of computers in the classroom an obstacle to learning and creativity?

42) Individualised learning or group learning – which method is more conducive to learning.

43) How should the schooling system cater to the mental health of children.

44) Which teaching approach is more efficient; Essential qualities of a good teacher.

45) The consequences of teacher’s behaviour on learning of students.

46) How to deal with bullying.

47) Academic testing and the stress associated with it.

48) The creation of specific learning methods for children with special needs.

49) Do students who come from well-off backgrounds score higher in standardized testing?

50) Standard of education in 3rd world countries.

Scientific Research Topics

51) The technologies for extracting the potential space resources.

52) Developments in the cancer treatments.

53) Efficient recycling methods for controlling waste products.

54) The daunting effects of climate change on the planet.

55) The advent of nuclear weapons and the consequences.

56) Covid’19 and its epidemiology.

57) Discovery of water on Mars.

Health Research Topics

58) Pros and Cons of Keto Diet.

59) Health risks associated with obesity in children.

60) Ignorance of obesity in the name of body positivity.

61) The healthcare of infants to prevent infant mortality. 

62) Dos and don’ts of choosing healthy food.

63) How do professional sports impact health?

64) How can vegan lifestyle improve health?

65) The standards of beauty and its adverse consequences on health.

66) Latest technologies in prosthetics.

67) How to eliminate a disease permanently?

68) Electronic healthcare and the associated risks.

69) Methods to control air pollution in the houses.

70) Healthy lifestyles for different ages.

71) Which diet is more affective for weight loss?

72) Impact of Covid’19 on mental health.

Business Research Topics

73) Strategies to survive international business competition.

74) Educating individuals about the benefits of international investments.

75) Methods of converting a local business in an internationally recognised brand.

76) Strategies to protect small businesses in the economic turmoil.

77) Motivation of employees and its benefits for the business.

78) Strategic planning and its fruitful implications.

79) Business outsourcing and ethical concerns.

80) Ethics in business world. 

81) Effective leadership and its role in team building.

82) The role of advertisement in brand promotion.

83) How can a business benefit from the exposure of a millennial?

84) Effects of Covid’19 on small businesses.

Sociology Research Topics

85) Causes of the rapid growth in divorce rate.

86) The society’s attitude towards global warming.

87) Effects of culture on the personality of an individual.

88) Evolution of feminism till date.

89) Gender stereotypes in the modern society.

90) Difference in the quality of education based on the demographics.

91) The challenges faced by transgenders in a contemporary society.

92) Problems faced my men in the “me-too” era.

93) Biases associated with ethnicity and race in work place.

94) Pros and cons of live-in relationships.

95) Abortion and its stigma.

96) Domestic abuse.

97) Cancel culture among the millennials.

98) Hate groups and bullies in the society.

99) Impact of feminism on marriage.

100) Acquisition of bad habits under peer pressure.


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