Leadership Blogs that you must follow If you’re trying to be an Aspiring Leader

Leadership Blogs that you must follow If you’re trying to be an Aspiring Leader

It’s such a simple question, yet it allows discussion to flow through it perplexing experts and laymen alike. We’ve read numerous books on leadership, yet it seems like we’ve never paused to define leadership. Let’s start with defining what leadership means.

One thing that should be kept in mind while defining leadership is that it has nothing to do with seniority or one’s positional hierarchy in an organization or company. Often when people talk about leadership, they’re usually referring to the senior-most position in the company. However, leadership doesn’t come by when you reach a certain position in an organization, rather the fulfillment of an objective through the management of human assistance is referred to as leadership. A leader is a person who effectively rallies his human partners to achieve specific goals. A strong leader can lead in a range of situations day after day, year after year.

So what does it take to become a great leader? What does it take to improve leaders’ communication and leadership skills? New leadership advice can help even the most charismatic and compelling leaders. 

Leadership positions evolve on a daily basis, and leaders must adapt to keep up. To keep up with the latest trends in the realm of leadership here are 5 leadership blogs to read on a daily basis:

1. Great Leadership by Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy is a specialist in strategic leadership. Dan has been helping businesses, executives, and prospective leaders enhance and optimize their leadership abilities for over 20 years. On his blog, he and brilliant leaders in his network share their perspectives and knowledge on leadership and leadership growth.

2. Jesse Lyn Stoner on Leadership by Jesse Lyn Stoner 

Jesse Lyn Stoner has collaborated with leaders for over 30 years as a business consultant, trainer, former CEO, and prolific author, helping them develop productive, committed organizations that have a strong and beneficial influence on the world. Jesse was named one of the “Top Leaders to Watch in 2015” by the American Management Association. Her blog specializes in helping leaders establish an inspiring vision for their workforce, as well as providing more general leadership advice and ideas.

3. Skip Prichard Leadership Insights by Skip Prichard

Skip Prichard is an accomplished growth-oriented business executive, keynote speaker, and Wall Street Journal bestseller book who has served as President and CEO of various firms during his career. He offers thoughts and motivation from his adventures and the wonderful people he’s encountered on his blog. Leadership, personal growth, advertising, inspiration, wellness, and psychology are among the themes covered. Skip also frequently talks about current works that have amused, informed, or encouraged him.

4. Tanveer Naseer Blog by Tanveer Naseer

Tanveer Naseer is the founder and CEO of a leadership development consultancy, as well as a highly renowned keynote speaker and award-winning leadership author. He was named one of the “Top 100 Leadership and Management Experts” by Inc. Magazine, as well as one of the “100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference.” Tanveer’s blog provides effective advice, direction, and perspectives on all matters of leadership, including group and worker interactions.

5. Random Acts of Leadership by Susan Mazza

Susan Mazza has been recognized as one of Trust Across America’s “Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trust,” as well as Inc.’s “100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference” and “Top 50 Leadership Innovators Changing How We Lead.” Susan is a writer, public speaker, and advisor who helps executives and teams alter their productivity, connections, and workplace culture by transformative leadership. Her blog keeps leaders up to date on the newest leadership development strategies and resources.

Check these leadership blogs daily for useful tips!


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