Styling a Jumpsuit: Here are some must-follow tips

Styling a Jumpsuit: Here are some must-follow tips

Are you a fan of jumpsuits? Well, you’re not alone. When it comes to wearing a jumpsuit, it can either be your fashion statement or it can be just as bland as you could imagine. It is a fine game of accessorizing and carrying the piece with poise.

Jumpsuits are quite literally the best fashion staples. It’s always astounding to see how one piece of clothing can complete your entire outfit. They make it easy to dress and style them with elegance, fun, and glamor. It can be your fancy dinner dress, fun picnic outfit, or simply something you’d wear to run errands. Here are some simple yet elegant tips to style a jumpsuit.

1. Find a Good Fitting jumpsuit

It is always important to know about your size while making a purchase. The key to looking flawless in a jumpsuit is to find the size that fits you perfectly.

If you wear a jumpsuit that’s too loose, you’ll end up looking like there’s more fabric than what your body requires. The same is true for vice versa, if your jumpsuit is too tight it’d be uncomfortable and would hinder your mobility. 

2. Get the Waist!

Pressing on the fact that styling a jumpsuit would not be possible if it isn’t your size. A jumpsuit is a perfect outfit to flaunt your gorgeous curves. Cinch that waist to add some femininity to the look and accentuate your curves. 

To add more boldness, you can pair the jumpsuit with a chain or cloth belt to add more structure to your look.

3. Layering is key

To give more structure and cohesiveness to your jumpsuit layer it with a coat or a blazer. This will be the perfect look for a meeting or a dinner, giving your overall look more personality.

For a fun look, you can layer the jumpsuit with a high neck or a pretty top underneath. This will make the look subtler and give it an element of both fun and elegance. This would be your perfect outfit for an outing with the girls, clubbing, or for a cocktail party.

4. Complementary colors

Pair colors that complement the main color of your jumpsuits. Choosing the right colors to complement your jumpsuit is key to making it look more elegant. If you’re wearing a white jumpsuit pair it with a polka dots blouse, or if you’re wearing a neutral jumpsuit pair it with a black blazer. 

5. Don’t forget your shoes

Heels are your best friend when it comes to jumpsuits unless you’re going for a picnic-y or beachy look. Wearing heels with your jumpsuit will give it a more elegant look, it will also make you look appear tall. 

If you decide to wear a wide-legged jumpsuit with flats or sandals, trust us It would look sloppy and unstructured. Heels give your jumpsuit the extra poise that it needs. With heels stay away from shoes like wedges, block heels, or clogs, stilettos or slim heels should be your first choice.

6. Go Monochrome

While printed jumpsuits are a fun concept, if you’re new to wearing jumpsuits then monochromatic and dark-colored jumpsuits are the ones for you. If you’re daring enough go for bolder bright colors or maybe a little bit of print. 

But in personal experience black always rules! A black jumpsuit gives you an unbroken elongated look that locks the eyes of everyone on you. But whatever color you chose, remember confidence is key.

Hope these tips would help you pick the perfect jumpsuit for yourself. Stay stylish and bold!


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