Best Fashion Advice that will Stay Relevant Through Every Decade

Best Fashion Advice that will Stay Relevant Through Every Decade

Fashion is such a subjective topic for people all around that it is relatively hard to pinpoint exactly what is the right way to wear, accessorize, or carry something.  The majority of people Inadvertently view fashion as a day-to-day thing, but every move makes a statement for the people in the biz industry. A sloppily cuffed jeans, an oversized blazer, an ill-fitting shirt might seem like a trivial thing but to fashion editors and stylists such trivial things are apparent from miles away. When normal people view such statement pieces in fashion magazines, editorials, and ads they might appreciate the aesthetic value of it but it can be quite thicker to assimilate the concept of how to wear everything.

How do you tell if you’re wearing a color that compliments your skin? How do you know if your jeans are a perfect size? How do you know if your blouse/shirt looks flattering? All of these questions are totally reasonable. And guess what we have the best answers to all questions like these!

Ahead you’ll find some of the best advice that will help you solve all of your fashion conundrums. We’ve compiled this guide for you to never second guess your outfits and be confident in what you wear!

1.    Know what to bare and what to keep under the wraps!

This advice is for you to understand that it is important to show skin strategically. To truly embody the sexiness of an outfit you must understand what to bare and what to not. For your outfit to truly show all of its elegance it is important that you choose a certain body part to expose. Expert stylists suggest that if you’re showing your legs, don’t show your cleavage and if it is your legs put your top under the wraps.  It is with good strategy and moderation that you truly reveal yourself and your outfit in all of its glory.

2.    Choose Bright Accessories

If you’re wardrobe mainly consists of neutrals and nude colors, then it might be necessary for you to give yourself that pop of color through bright accessories. IF you’re wearing a monotone outfit pop in a nice bright bag to give it some life. Not only does it bring some color to your outfit but also makes it more versatile and lively. 

3.    A Scarf is your Best-Friend

There is no posh accessory than a scarf. It gives your outfit sophistication and elegance. Throw a scarf in your purse or elegantly knot it around your neck to give your look more structure and confidence. 

4.    Consider your Shape

You need to embrace your shape. Once you figure out which silhouettes flatter you it will be much easier for you to filter out your options. For instance, if your someone who has a slim and petite figure, go for something that accentuates your waist and isn’t too long. 

5.    Stripe Up

The classic stripe aesthetic is a great way to pull yourself together when you’re confused about what to wear. Striped designs carry such poise and versatility that you’d never go wrong in trying out one. 

6.    Make your coats Fun

Your outerwear should not be a hasty thoughtless decision. Some so many individuals look at your outfit and your outerwear is the first thing they set their eyes on. Look for a stylish coat or trench to give your outfit a more fun look.

7.    Forget Your Fear of Colors

Colors are your best friend when it comes to statement pieces. A bold color will never make you look dull. If you want to play safe pair a bold color with some neutrals and work your way up from there. 


Best Fashion Advice that will Stay Relevant Through Every Decade

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