Why Bold Colors Are your Best-Friend this Summer? Predicting the color trend for summer 2022

Why Bold Colors Are your Best-Friend this Summer? Predicting the color trend for summer 2022

Wave goodbye to boring monochrome style dressing. This summer, pack your closet with bright outfits with a spectacular color punch to revolutionize your closet and upgrade your style. This year in Milan, fashion icons came to play in bold electric colors made up of outstanding prints, bold and flamboyant color combinations, and consisting practically of every vibrant color of the wheel. We saw bright cerise skirts paired with bold amber yellow tops, while we saw gaudy dark raspberry jackets paired with printed pants. Even with accessories, we saw a very bold color spectrum. Everything from bright coral red bags to honey tint sunglasses, bold colors are breaking the long set trends of monochromatic fashion.

Here’s how you can inject bright colors into your closet for a trendier and stylish summer look:

• Firstly, choose your palette. When choosing a palette, it is important to choose colors cohesively. Do you want to choose different shades of the same family or mix different colors? Yes, it is possible to wear multiple colors without looking like a walking rainbow blob. It depends on how you strategize your colors so they match perfectly.

• One way to easily incorporate colors in your outfits is to choose shades from the same palette. For example, you can pair a pea-green champagne dress with a jade trench coat and accessorize it with a pale turquoise clutch and sandals to complete the look. Staying in the same color family and switching up different shades in an outfit is the safest way for you to look pop and trendy.

• Another great technique to incorporate bold colors in your outfits is choosing the right complementary colors to the main color of your outfit. This can be a game-changer if done correctly. For example, mixing two different color palettes green and yellow go great together, different shades of orange complement shades of purple beautifully.

• Accessories are your best friends. Pair your outfits with brightly colored jewels for the pop of color and elegance. Wearing jewel tones like blue, green, purple with bright colors like purple, orange, and pink would give you an excellent combination.

• Don’t skip your basics and neutrals. A lot of the time an all colorful outfit if not done properly can end up making you look like a color blob. To break the pattern pair a black or neutral crop top, crew neck, or top with a brightly color overall. Here’s an example, for a fun winter look pair a white button-down shirt against a mustard sweater and top it with an auburn trench coat and complementary red latex pants.

• While looking for bright colored fits make sure to keep your size in mind. Often the fitting of an outfit can be game-changing. In our experience form-fitting, bright-colored pieces look more structured and cohesive so make sure your pieces fit you well.

• Go all out on brightly colored bags and shoes! Trust us, there’s nothing more trendy than a bag or shoes with a nice pop of color. Dogwood rose clutches, coral pink shoes, neon sneakers all sound like a fun pairing with a monochrome outfit or even a bold colored outfit.

• While constructing an outfit with bold and gaudy colors it is crucial to be moderate. Don’t pair 6 colors in a single outfit, it would look no less than a joker’s costume. Our golden mean for the number of colors in a single outfit is no more than 4.

This was us giving you all the best advice for finding the best color for your summer palette. Now we turn to you! Do you fancy bright colors and accessories?


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